social support

Social Support

Social Support

Cosha Care’s social support service involves providing emotional and social support to our participants who may experience challenges related to social isolation, loneliness, and mental health. This may include one-on-one support, our team of caring professionals or volunteers can visit individuals at home or in the community and provide companionship and emotional support.

Our service may also involve participation in group outings, recreational activities, or social events that cater to the specific interests and abilities of our participants. Our social support service works closely with our participants, to understand the unique needs and preferences of each individual and tailor their support accordingly. Overall, through this service, we aim to enhance the social and emotional well-being of our participants, promote a sense of belonging and community, and reduce the risk of social isolation and mental health issues.

At Cosha Care, we  firmly believe that every child deserves to be treated with kindness and dignity, and we are dedicated to helping them thrive and reach their full potential. 

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