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Cosha Care offers nurturing and individualized care for children of all backgrounds and abilities. We firmly believe that every child deserves to be treated with kindness and dignity, and we are dedicated to helping them thrive and reach their full potential. Our team of skilled and compassionate caregivers is dedicated to creating creative and impactful approaches that foster independence, inclusivity, and positive social interaction.

Our Services

We believe in working collaboratively with participants, their families, and their support networks to provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to care.

Respite Care

Cosha Care provides individuals caring for a loved one at home with the chance to unwind and rejuvenate.

Complex Care

Tailored care strategies and nursing assistance specifically designed for clients requiring intensive care due to complex needs.

Social Support

Cosha Care’s social support service involves providing emotional and social support to our participants

Assistance With Daily Life

We, at Cosha Care, acknowledge that keeping up with daily household chores can be challenging for participants.

Meal Time Plan

We offer a person-centered approach that considers the dietary needs, preferences, and cultural backgrounds of individuals receiving care.

Travel/Transport Arrangements

At Cosha Care, our service is designed to provide support and assistance to participants who require help with travel and transport arrangements.

Support Coordination

We will explain each NDIS service and the level of assistance that you can expect out of the same. Besides, we can help you manage the funding that you will be getting from the scheme for a specific service.

Excelling in crafting improved living environments for children in care.

Improving the living environment for children in care presents both formidable challenges and immensely gratifying opportunities. Achieving this goal involves various approaches, demanding commitment, innovation, and prioritizing the well-being of the children above all else.

Another crucial aspect involves fostering constructive connections with the children under care. This can be accomplished through fostering open dialogue, attentive listening, and demonstrating authentic concern for their well-being. Offering chances for them to engage in activities they love, like sports, music, or art, further enhances trust-building and fosters a strong sense of inclusion.

Why Choose Us





Assisting young people in Out of Home Care.

Empowering children in care thorough our individualised support and expert advice.

Offering customized respite care.

Assisting youths in cultivating healthy lifestyle habits through a tailored growth strategy designed to meet their individual needs.

At Cosha Care, we  firmly believe that every child deserves to be treated with kindness and dignity, and we are dedicated to helping them thrive and reach their full potential. 

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